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For more than 50 years Geco has been acting as a reliable producer and seller of woven carpets. The variety is wide – from classical carpets to modern ones, from carpets made of pure new wool to models created of polypropylene or other yarns.


As a manufacturer we know the market and also the latest and most fashionable styles. In collaboration with our own and additional independent designers we are continuously developing new ideas.

„State of the art” is our claim.

Our complex product range is produced at international locations. As we run our own yarn production in Hungary and are supplied by exclusive partners from various other countries, we are able to handle immense shipments with outstanding quality.


Sprouting your own design ideas, you are dreaming of your personal product line?

There is no limit for our production.

What else can we do for you?


Head office in Plettenberg
The Initiation of photostudios
Fascination carpet weaving mill
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